If i knew the last time would be the last time I would feel your hands on my body, your lips on my skin, your love filling the drought inside of me
If I knew your heart could change in a moments notice and go from open arms to a hard, cold back
If I knew the person in front of me today is not the person that will be in front of me tomorrow
If I knew the tight rope i walk had curves and edges, like barb wire and silk swaying in the wind
If I knew that love could ebb and flow beyond my control like being swept up in a current in the ocean almost reaching for the land
If I knew
Would I still give my soul unconditionally, profoundly with arms, hands and fingers reaching eternally to the sun
Would I welcome you into my love and hold you tight in my warmth
Would I calculate the tones and pauses to breathe through each one like a metronome waiting for the next key
Would I sit with the silence to wait for the rooms darkness to lift and give way to the light
Would I
If I knew

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