The oceans are big the oceans are deep the oceans are these much wide.
They are filled with the cries of the deceased river side valley died.
The sitter the rain is a good kisser to the ocean wish were also the frozen with the cold in wind.
That yet blows tides in the heat also should be is there present during the rise.

It's at least in summer months how come?
I don't know what month more to do so know search engine be wrote a lot of tries.
The revving the car many more times rare in the air planes fly. Those with a pair of dirty socks and rocks stepping off the said ledge the door is locked.

Hop on in please on the edge if I could be sneeze void reach outer planets doormats reached
to be walked on. It does be least would if keep of welcoming happiness.
I decide to believe that I will find common with interest this loan but doubt.

A lift that I would not accept a dime a dozen a tip accept kept individual position in this
back car seat world shine dipped. I'm in a terrible failure since in the word
climb out incredible metal affixation about me hasn't left not even. The in strive to create better
writing high end horror core style biting fangs in list.
This goes on and on and on way out reading poems.

Now thinking what will become of the inclination my life. I tend to write often crawl
in a ball applied racing thoughts could exhaust passion.
The fall nice until it goes away then what abate.
I will be out of touch with the senses that stay wicked killing mask.

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