Unknown Citizen

He wakes up every morning and puts on 1 of 10 suits,
grabs his cup of coffee and leaves for his job,
where he will file papers all day,
when all is done and he clocks out to leave the sun is nearly gone,
he wipes a bead of sweat with his sleeve and begins to sing a song,
a song his mother once sang to him and then he stops to think,
day by day he works his hardest with nothing in return,
he gets a paycheck every month but that is not of concern,
what he wants is to be free to live his life with ease,
but when he does this every day time could almost freeze,
and when it did there would be a time of which he would be sad,
but then there is a bit of freedom where he looks and he is glad,
that he no longer must fit the mold that society has made,
and no longer does he go to work and no longer is he dismayed.

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