The truth is reaching out to All hearts
who seek Justice as the remedy to their case
the more Creatures of this earth who are willing to accept right
We can therefore leave hedonism and vanity in it's place.
But be advised there's no safe place for fence straddlers
so We must make the correct choices today
all the things that Man tangles Himself up in these days
when He perishes in them this will assuredly add up to His pay.
We have blasphemers,deceivers and warmongers
who are carrying on sins out of greed
Remember,the respite that You have was to reverse course and make amends
This is all laid down in Jah's decrees.
Today a great many are gaining the world
even after being warned that You will surely lose Your souls
will the wealth profit Anyone now when the bridges have all been burned?
Seeing there are no bridges,so therefore no tolls.
Heaven is the place where there's true peace,love and unity
which is yet to Be found of this earth
So Humanity must work harder to clean its Hearts,Hands and Ways
most assuredly inescapable is the next Birth.
All Creatures who've strayed from true Religion
You better acknowledge so as to dump this apostasy
don't do as in ancient times and pretend to Be blind
Jah's Reality will force all eyes and hearts to clearly see
The willful disobedience of the self-righteous
will of a surety lead to the Majority getting burned
Wave after wave of Pure Holiness will Be extreme and Mighty
Another handful will Be saved but,the Majority is yet Unlearned! Amen

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