Unlock These Handcuffs

I wish there was no such thing as pain.
The dangerous poison follows me as my shadow at night.
I ask myself why or how the person behind the light,
can allow my heart to beat pain and scream evil.
How can a scream so loud not be heard?
Are the evil thoughts blocking my words--
thoughts so evil that came from the dark,
covering a bright spirit that came from the light?
Can I blame the humble man that gave me life?
On the other hand,
should I blame the evil man that dances around laughing,
waiting for me to fall,
so he can grab me and strip me from my innocence?

I try to express myself;
human minds would only twist my thoughts.
All my life I felt very cold.
I am not a penguin,
so it hurts my soul--
continuously wishing a falling hand would grab me from above,
transform me to a place where evil does not exist.
This place has to cure hurt and pain,
to avoid drowning in the rain.
The H stands for hate.
The U stands for understanding.
The R stands for revenge.
The T stands for time.
Only time can heal a bitter soul,
the evil cancer within you will eventually swallow you whole.
Unlock these handcuffs to mend this hole.

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