Why do I feel like I'm unlovable?
like it's impossible for someone to love me.

All I wanted was to feel the warmth of someone who loved me,
but I'm unlovable.

Feeling so lost and depressed,
I realized I'm not all of what "he" makes me out to be.

I feel the pain and suffering of not being able to love,
like I'm unwanted.

Because I'm unlovable.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about how alone, and unlovable I feel. I believe I\'m unlovable, but \"he\" believes I\'m not, \"he\" being my ex. My ex was the one person whom I truly loved and still love. I know everyone has that one ex that they can\'t get over. But in this case, it\'s not one-sided love, where one person still loves their ex while their ex moved on. No. In this case me and my ex, we still love each other yet we still try and find love in someone else, and when it doesn\'t ever turn out great for us with someone else, that meaning when the other person cheats, play, or uses you, it makes you feel unlovable like there\'s no hope for you. And that is why I came up with this poem \"Unlovable\" it helps me express those feelings.