Unlucky One

You were like the sun that brightened my day
You were never the type to betray
You were like a star shimmering in the night
You were definitely the most bright

You certainly felt true love, you made my heart fly away
You were all l had to live for, you were the one l could've swore
But all good things finish by passing through
I soon became ashamed of being with you

You started to pick up the bottles of liquor
You'd beat me until the lights began to flicker
All your of your kind acts had ceased
It grew on you like a disease

l started refusing your orders, so you quickly brought on the torture
You became very needy, acting extremely greedy
You left me heartbroken, I used to ignore your sins
You treated me like a toy, being with you was no longer full of joy

You were truly a monster, but why had you chosen me?
I wondered that forever, this was all an unsolved mystery
Nothing could ever make this okay, all l can do now, is pray
I'll never forget how I was treated, the whips made my skin blistery

You'll never obtain forgiveness, you had me question my existance
You once stole my heart, but now happiness means being apart
At this point, l wondered, what was life?
I slowly looked down and picked up the knife
I had to make the pain go away, that is why l took my life that day

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