I am the girl no one sees
I am the one on one knee
As I beg for acceptance
I feel nothing but reluctance
Starting now I feel dreary
I can see clearly behind the mask
Grins of darkness with just one task
I take it in just this last
Realization all in the past
Those I thought of as once friends
Leave me to make amends
I rise up to stand
Unaware of this new land
What lay before me I wish I knew
Why is it we always do
The foolish things but in the end we are all human beings
Tearing each other and ourselves apart until nothing's left
Looking for someone, there's your theft
We are the reason, we derive ourselves into this treason
Bringing pain and torment into someone's life because of our disinterest and disappointment with ourselves
Peace is just a word, but love can mend and heal all
Peace can be achieved if only we all believed
Then someday everyone would succeed and awaken from all the greed

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This poem is about opening up about your true feelings and just being yourself without being worried about how other people view you.