For anything that energizes

For coffee, Starbucks

For Adderall, for Red Bull

To encourage

Incite, wake up, move on

To relax: alcohol, weed, food

For anything that comforts

Please, give me something tangible and fake,

Constant and temporary, available and missing,

Helpful and hurtful

A stimulant, and a depressant

Give me that which is tantalizing,

Promoted and popular, to cure all my thoughts,

To numb and invigorate my mind

Don't let me be real, be natural because then,

Painful thought can seep in and work

Oh stress,

May overtake my mind

Oh after a while the two conflicting energies make it all spin 

And nothing is real and all is confused and my mind feels like a vice,

All is stuck is lost is crazy the real now

Unusual the mindaltering additives create a new normalcy and

I can't, I can't function without it

Give me that fake reality

Normalcy is pain

For survival and success

Please, give me something tangible and fake, constant

And temporary, available and missing, helpful and hurtful

I have to survive

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