Not a word was spoken as the bond broke.
Lies through the eyes not by the tongue.
Betrayl took the back seat after no defeats.
Memory of goar and corrupt
Shamed without blame as it becomes the new norm.
secrets are being spread like vibes.
As the ones once close detach.
so does the hearts that shared a beat.
numb is a feeling that cant feel at all.
occupied with reality.
Even a smile is complicated.
Trust ran out of funds
munipulated in all diversities.
No longer sleeping comfortably.
asked what you want when never asked.
So weak is the will
refused is the effort towards goals.
Mouths finally speak
to release only hate
make since of the story in truth.
never go unnoticed when a voice can be heard.
claimed is the soul every eye meets.
innocents is taken from one look
told to believe in the mask
untill the unnoticed finally
falls on there feet

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