Unnoticed: An Ember in the Wind

I may go unnoticed
Though what I start won't go unseen
For what it ends up as
Others' attention it shall convene

The reality of my life is veiled by my actions
My laughs and my jokes are just mere distractions
As what lies inside is a fiery abstraction
Of the false truth that people see

Deep inside me lies a fire
A forever burning, deep desire
To act to the best of my abilities
Yet many items in life constrain me

Regardless of time, a moment will appear
Where everything around me becomes quite clear
As all that I know is lost to the flames
And life is no longer an irrelevant little game

Whilst I go by unnoticed
I light things afire
For I have long since changed
As I, am an ember

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Sammriddha (Samu, as most call him) Shrestha is a young and budding designer, developer, and engineer who's taking the current standards of media to the next level of epic. From programming to writing, his true passion lays in crafting stories that have meaning, whether it be of a game, where you join a young boy and his dog upon a mystical journey, or in a poem, of one's true wish.