Unopened Mail

How do you explain to your heart that someone isn’t coming back.

When their room becomes empty you still wonder how they’ll feel to see it that way upon their return.
Their mail waits unopened on the kitchen counter.
When their parking spot gets taken up by someone else’s car, you’ll wonder where they’ll park. Even though they sold their car a while back when they first got sick.
You won’t worry about who will carve the turkey because you know for certainty that it’s always them.
All of the little things they used to do around the house like taking down the trash or replacing the water on the machine become reminders that they are not there.

You tell yourself they are not there. They are not coming back.
But still, your heart thinks they might. You wait for them because they alone can fill the room. Because their mail is waiting for them. Because you miss the little things you never even realized they did.
But now that they’re gone, no one does them. No one could.

Noa Farkash

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