My heart leads me to be what others claim to see
Overlooked but talked about as if my roots aren't planted deep
Near the waters that don't move even when the wind blows
In a ground where leaves fall when they touch the vein glows
Where people travel but no evidence is left in their place
And heartbeats are birthed out but I'm changing the pace
Battles was fought won and loss, soldiers appear like an entity
Under the surface dwells curses but there's gifts in the proximity
Writings on the wall a message that was written in tears
A timeline that can't be categorized by man made years
A wise man with a pole, no totem or stake
Fishing in a pond, while I use wisdom for bait
I shook hands with fate, greetings and farewells
My clock told me to move I guess time tells
They said I was out of my mind and beside myself
So I stepped out of mind and stood beside myself
Had a conversation but my views were different from his
I move forward while he still hold on to the things that he did
I branched off from a tree that hung upside down
Beneath me was the sky above all was the ground
Can you imagine condensation, evaporation would be flagrant
A masterpiece in the making cause thunder comes from the pavement
my train of thought has a lot of turbulence,
so when you ride be prepared for a temporary journey that's permanent

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