Translucent skin keeps the unraveling chaos contained
Residing within the core of roaring silence,
The burning, glacial heat...and I inhale suffocation.
What more is to be done than be hidden in this exposure
And allow the tidal waves of the unspoken to take me over-
Churn me into a creature of unbeing, to be more and more
Of less than a shadow, less than dust that falls silent from sealed lips?
Branched lungs shrivel, rivers in vessels, veins undergo drought,
And I let the undertow take me under, skeletal arms beckoning.
No longer can I resist the fatal charms, for
I do not exist as chains of silence remain unbroken.
Words left unspoken crumble, tumble
To shallow, bottomless pits of unutterances-
So many, too many, undiscovered.
Would it be worthwhile to wonder how it would have been
If this mattered? But I am only ashes left to scatter
And a pitiful soul in tatters-
A book torn, a painting smeared,
Fragile bones and featherlight stones,
As I can only drain and stain.

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