Did you know my confidence
is weak and paper thin?
Repulsed by my reflection
of stretch marks and excess skin.
Only longing to see myself
as beautiful as the rest.
A flat stomach and no marks
of skin that's pulled and stretched.
I want to look in the mirror
and smile at what I see.
Not just like who I really am
but also what I appear to be.
But that I've yet to do.
I tolerate what I've endowed
rather than accepting myself,
standing shoulders back and proud.
Yet I still try to make myself believe
that I'm stunning as I am.
The only one who can
Imperfectly be the perfect me.
So I guess there's a message
I must relay to myself
Because some how these compliments
I can't ever help but doubt.
My hair is soft and flowing
My eyes ever blue
A smile so intoxicating
Standing only five foot three
Weighing more than I desire to
But personality, shines through
Rachael, stop doubting yourself
You're Unquestionably, you.

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