Unreal Realization

I hung my head low,
I couldn't comprehend your crazy words.
Harsh and unforgiving,
Such things I've never heard.
Dazed and amazed,
I stood, disbelieving.
I never suspected that you could be so deceiving.
Betrayed and hurt, my perception had changed.
Yet, the feelings in my heart had not been rearranged.
My heart believed it was a dream,
And asleep it still lies.
I sit, waiting for it to awake and realize.
That you are a devil, an angel in disguise,
No matter how elegant the beauty in your eyes.
I must look through the veil of beauty,
And see what lies beneath.
A dried up, shriveled heart,
Intent on nothing but deceit.
No longer am I addicted to your harmful substance.

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