Times were so much easier
When the world was beneath our feet,
And we settled for nights spent in the covers
Under which two cold hands would meet.
The world we knew was a simpler place,
A place where we quivered alone.
We knew the quiet was a happier home
Where monsters' faces were never shown.
Or, at least, that's what we perceived
When just for a while they disappeared.
That was before the truth was let loose,
And betrayal and broken hearts' chants were sneered.
We lost each other as we lost ourselves
And the quiet was where we returned.
Except this quiet didn't keep the monsters out,
It locked new ones in, more disturbed.
We shivered in darkness that we couldn't contain,
A pain only existed within.
For when the world looked on at our broken smiles,
They only saw a fake joy in pin.
We're shattered, we're empty,
Our stream has run dry.
I cry at the thought of no more you.
But if this is where fate has left us to be,
How can I possibly argue?

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