Unrecognizable Love

my love for her is unrecognizable
I haven't felt this way since god gave man the bible
Just as the glorious hands that formed man from the earth
She formed me keys to unleash
Myself caged within myself in the in the corners of my
Cell block scattered and battered
I faught with myself from time from time
I'll think to myself how can life shine on my prison cell
After all the sins committed and after all the sentencing
Dealt with I should burn with myself
But I didn't the great man from the heavens split the sea in half
An sprinkled water on my head n looked down on my behalf
and sent an angle to deliver my behalf to make a whole
She baptize me in a tub full of water
That later set s blaze due to my inpurity
So I stand tall with myself chin up with a smile on my face
Thanking the angle that discovered the ancient artifact
That I hid from myself only time can tell if I'll hide it again

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