Unregulated Thoughts

I am here today - thou I may be gone tomorrow - dead broke - out of time to barrow - no more sorrow - no more tears - I am desensitized to reality - with no real fears - just caught in the net of peers - where - disruptive thoughts - turn into silent cheers - that motivate hate - with nothing new under the sun - so the old relate - to the tortured tampered souls - with no intake - just pain and snakes in ah fire lake - the same mistakes in a higher place - the end is near - the end is there - the end is here - the end is where - in a backwards new world and nothings fair - and everything the same now - nothing rare - praying to the sky putting thoughts in the air - playing different sides when nothing is there - no bright light - just dark dispare - no wrong right - because no one cares - making it extra hard not to question God - at night on my knees screaming why me Lord - yet - I'm still here today - thou I might be gone tomorrow - dead broke - out of time to barrow

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I am at a time in my life of enlightenment. Knowing that it is both a gift and a curse to have knowledge of things that many don't.