Breathe labor in vein
Heaving time forward with reckless abandonment

From age old tragedies of dying stars
Falling from heaven’s gates traversing smile
From one end of the galaxy to other end of cheek
Searching for…rather found…
Love is this goal to be achieved
Unlocked at the end of a journey
And the forever after simply exist
After all

Take the smoldering ash princess for example
A Deleterious brood to younger years of servitude
Till the golden days of her youth be gone until she stumbled upon Justice by Chance
In a magnanimously Brobdingnagian man who’ll gallantly lay upon her breast dancing cares away
That is until her family kidnaps her
Locking her away in the deepest parts of herself
Believing unworthy of love

Young seeds wrapped in bright future shining from there dark skin
Grow out from societies shadow falsely learning
That skin is too alien to seem familiar
Too dark to seem happy
Grow up self hatred and betrayed by every fairy tale masquerade

First time candles burn
Waxing truth of every lie ever told to self
Virgin lost in a world of save yourself
Truth is you lost yourself long before
You could ever enter adulthood

justice, honor, virtue, ideals that we esteem
Over dead bodies speaking at eulogies
Instead of life

All along the darkness we faced in this ever expanding universe was too much
That we aren’t the ones to create the light but benefit from it.
We know the stars faded years ago, we only see after images of how bright they had burned
The dust fades away in every storyline revealing the damage done
Fallen castles, war on drugs, pipeline prisons, slavery legalized, no knock warrants and broken constitutions.
Who knew the paper could sentence so many lives
Before the ink could dry

We rub the American dream with every good intention
We Pray over it, we Plead over it, we kiss it and wash it with Love
But it is already rotten from the inside, Eroded
Like a festering poisoned APPLE
We realize we had no control over any of this

As we fall for the same old stories

We only wait for some hero to save us…

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