Lying restless on this endless starry night,
I'm trying to visualize a dream that won't consist of her.
My mind flickers from good to bad memories,
fluctuating like her mood swings.
Does she love me? Maybe not.

She loves me, or does she?
See I could never tell maybe because I was blinded by her allure.
Smooth like ice I wanted to glide to infinity with her,
but she sailed by herself while I trailed behind.

She loves me not.
That was easier said but it hurt more;
I just wanted her love not her break up voice
I'm crying a river float away with me

If forgiveness were easy everyone would do it
But the thought of her with someone else makes me cringe,
and I binge looking at our old pictures,
I weep holding her old love letters,
Stammer on her name because I used to say it so lovingly...

Baby, I'm tired please lay with me on this restless night.
Tell me it was all a dream.
But even in the sweetest of dreams, you have to wake up sometime.
I hope she is up on this restless night looking up at the stars.
Maybe coincidentally we can pick the same one
and we both remember a great time that never was...
A dream.

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