unrequited being

Unrequited being

Broad daylight yet unseen
Are the tears that fall and lean
Upon a countenance so much in pain
They arise, gather, slide down…in vain

And it is them who are to blame
It is them not you who are so lame
For colorless beings they are alone
They fail to keep a color of their own

At first as pale as the face of gloom
But then as black as the pitch dark room
And then as white as the page they rest on
That’s barely wet when they’re gone

Thus, they fall till out they dry
Into vapor in a sky
But dare one blame the passers by?
There comes the intimate passers by
They never bothered to wonder why

But if instead of tears that eyes have shed
There comes a flow of drops in red
If remains no moan nor uneasy breath
And a life of misery is rendered death

Well, red is too dazzling to see
And too still the body would be
That it never once moved it would imply
And all the more unseen would lie

Terrified I am it might come to pass
That I come across reflecting glass
and glance, scrutinize, stare and glare
but fail to find my own face there

No sign of being there I find
Unfathomable … to my humble mind
Am I that tiny? Is it the mist?
I can’t but wonder …Do I exist?

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