Unrequited Love

Loving you was inadvertent, in the course of time,
A soul revival, an essence of life,
You could bent me, but never was I broken,
You were an ache, pinning deep inside.

Weaving the serene hopes in the dark of times
But soon before I could realize, you have changed the path.
Left me with a thousand flashbacks in solitude,
Unbearable soreness pierced my heart.

The anguish of grief could never take you away,
At the verge of insanity, could still smell your fragrance,
Soothingly beautiful but was never destined.
A heart wrenching pain; yet sublime.

Asking the divine to make you mine,
While you forked the road and sent the final wave,
Gifted me with a poignant reminder of time,
And that’s how it ended with an unrequited love.

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This Poems Story

One-sided love, a love that was never returned.