Unrequited Love

The Orb of night shines its light of love only on you-
I cannot love another- fate has decided that this is the truth-
my heart is determined to love you only-
my soul is connected to you alone-
to seek someone else is a futile endeavor-
a waste of time-
I will love you forever-
I long for your kisses-
they elude me it's true-
I long to caress you-
yet this is a dream-
more like a nightmare-often it seems-
your good morning dear I never will hear-
your good night my love will not touch my ears-
the sun is blocked by my cloud of despair-
like Sisyphus pushing a rock up a hill-
I always will long yet never fulfill-
at best you love me just as a friend-
you find it amusing that I ache for your touch-
that I find you attractive-
that I love you so much-
you find it funny that I die at your sight-
I die just a little-Yes it is true-
I die for wanting yet not having you-
Your spirit, your beauty will haunt me forever-
You are the only-there can be no other

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