Unrequited Love

I keep praying and hoping for the day,
when he will embrace me and tell me that everything will be okay.
But I know that day will never come,
because this is a problem that can only be conquered by one.
No this is it, I'm simply done.
My life is no longer fun and games.
I'm being haunted by a pain,
and I know I will never gain his love and affection,
and my heart is starting to convection.
It's as if I'm infected by a deadly disease,
I know you don't want me.
So go ahead and laugh,
as I cry over the fact that I've written your name in this book,
over a thousand times.
I've basically written novels about you,
and all the things that you do,
and you don't have a clue.
But I guess I'm the one to blame,
because I was the one who was so insane,
to call a pain like this love.
This wasn't a gift from up above.
I feel as I'm being shoved down a bottomless pit.
Or I've taken a billion hits,
all to my heart.
But that isn't the worst part.
Neglect washes over me from time to time,
and I thought the only thing that can heal me was poems that rhymed.
But the only thing that can heal me was just a little more time.

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