I think of things unthought of before
And things I think of cannot entail
How dreadfully frightening it is to implore
An angel to pierce but not impale
Oh how does it screech when pinned with eyes
And lovers dance in drowning blue
How things and dreams cannot realize
The screaming steep of platonic hue
And when there might be heavenly days
That spark the hope of lover's conceit
The beckoning spike of flower's gaze
And lies on minds that skin will meet
What love is there as one heart burned
With airy smoke of love not returned

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This Poems Story

I began writing in middle school simply because I, personally, felt as though I could not express myself in any other way. This poem is an attempt to translate the untranslatable, complex range of emotions that form from the affliction and excitement of falling in love. It is not rare to develop a toxic attraction to a person, and this poem tries to encapsulate the agony such a one-sided passion causes. I was born, raised, and now reside in Boston, Massachusetts.