Unsaid Adieu

Poetry is romanticized,
but then my words are stardust
coruscating like light catching raindrops on the glass,
yet never lasting long enough
How am I to speak of this,
with lips and words,
that refuse to mingle
reject the tandem,
to say too little

I wish you’d stayed a while,
or maybe given me that devious cherry-lipped smile,
which makes me momentarily forget,
the gulf that lies,
the lonesome raft in the middle of the ocean,
the stark signs

September sheds away lies,
littering the streets,
yes, they used to be our retreat,
the mid-autumn suns and I hear,
the pounding beat of running on the pavement
December weeps for a purity lost,
flakes melting on our tongues,
I swear I see,
shadows of angels on the snow

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