Unsaid Goodbye

Such a sudden part we had,
Our goodbyes we didnt get a chance to say,
And even though that was several years ago,
I still feel it today.
I still miss you like i did the very first day.
Why'd you have to leave so soon?
I understand it wasn't up to you,
Wether you stayed or not.
But you shoul've spoken up to what was wrong with you.
It infuriates me that you didnt think about how it would affect me,
How much i'd need you here for me.
I wish i had the key to break the chain of regrets i have.
I didn't cherish you when i had the chance and now i miss you.
I know i'll see you again one day.
When the golden gates open up to me,
I know you'll be there all dressed in white waiting for me.
Mean while i know you see me cry myself to sleep at times,
Wishing i'd gotten the chance to hug you one last time
and say goodbye.

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