Unsatisfying End

Tired no matter what I do,
The feeling seeps into everything,
It all just makes me feel so blue,
My moods never seem to be on the upswing,
Left alone with my saddening thought,
Memories from a past come again,
My eyes start to rain,
Yet here I still to life do abstain,
Disappointment fills my young being,
Empty promises unfulfilled,
Parents stare; their faces sneering,
A sense of distrust is instilled,
A road for life is paved for me,
No choices are given,
I have to follow this road to be,
Everything expected just to be forgiven,
Forgive me for being born,
I never asked for this,
Is this all I’ll ever earn?
When will I be given Death’s bliss?
Blood flows ever crimson,
A steel blades hidden kiss,
All the bad thoughts have arisen,
To all my life I shall remiss,
This is Hell.

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