Unsolicited Advice

When I choose a topic on which to write
It usually boils down to something causing me strife
Taking advice from some causes me an offense
I guess because I know their circumstance
Although the advice is given to help and its logic sound
So are the grounds of my initial response to turn it down
It may be of value and have insight
But where is the application in their life
If I allow myself to cool off and not react
Examining the situation will show me where the problem is at
In almost everything that bothers me
I find a degree of hypocrisy
I've given advice where it was not directed
I've offered advice when it was not solicited
Although my intention was to help, same as theirs
Every area of my personal life was in need of repair
I guess that is why it is easier to take the advice of a stranger
None of my secrets are in danger
I have decided at this point in my life
I will no longer give my advice
Wisdom and knowledge must find their own home
The value on which is placed is mine alone

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