Unsolved Puzzle

In the echo of our time, a bitter truth unfolds,

Two years intertwined, now a tale untold.

Salty tears cascade, a sea of emotion,

Love's erosion, leaving scars, a deep devotion.

Your absence echoes louder than the moments we shared,

A best friend vanished, a bond once declared.

Anxiety's grip, a relentless foe,

Manic episodes, a turbulent flow.

In the corridors of memory, I stroll,

Recalling the laughter, the joy, the whole.

Why wasn't the magic enough to make you linger?

A puzzle unsolved, a heartache's trigger.

Yet, I stand resilient, amid the storm,

Seeking solace in verses, my soul to transform.

For though love departed, leaving me dismayed,

I'll find peace within, where memories are laid.

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