Desertion! Suspended in endless emptiness,
hanging by the splinter of my soul.
Wandering my stagnant heart,
I see my story untold.
I bear the mask of a glorious smile,
to suffocate this forsaken child.
So colorful with love, yet dull to the question, how?
Who shall cry for the abandoned child,
he who was left to die?
By drowning in his tears, he fights to remain alive.
The way I dreamt to be loved,
was the greatest crime of mines.
Eos shall come to save me,
the sunshine at dawn will be thine.
How can these empty words,
fill the blank pages of my heart?
I learned from being untaught,
it tears my soul apart.
God teach me how to hold my heart?
With hope, it'll lead the way,
to the acceptance I've always wanted,
to hear the words that haven't been said.
I just want to be loved,
please tell me if that's a sin?
If so, I'll bottle mines inside,
to never speak these words again.....

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