Unspoken Love

Violets are not blue, roses aren't always red
emotions aren't always shown, and feelings aren't always said.
I've grown to know the person you are, when we were together,
but greater when we were apart.
They say that distance makes the heart fonder,
and it's this that makes me wonder, if it's you I really care about
or was I just comfortable.
Time passed, feelings enhanced, mild visit, arguments advanced.
It was then I knew that feelings had grew I wasn't just comfortable
but in fact it was you.
Immense attitudes, vigorous nights,
I loved when things were good but something hit when we would fight.
Within a flash you could become my past, unsubstantial, and vast.
Bittersweet and sour straws you took on a challenge
that came with flaws. Remembering to watch what I say and what I do
because the next steps don't matter if they're not with you.
I want to be so much more than just your girl,
I want to be your sky, your moon, and your world.
Just as these things I want to be
you have to know just what you are to me.
You're my everything, my ocean, my sea,
my stars, my sun, clouds, my entire galaxy.
I use my heart sometimes as a vault
to hide the things that soon build and exalt.
So sweet but so tart, a new beginning and a fresher start
that's all I want for me and you, to remain faithful and remain true.
If there is anything that I may have seemed to miss
just always remember that I love you, Chris.

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