Unspoken Pain

The voice in my head shudders as you draw near,
Blood rushes, I cannot hear.
You look up and smile, but not in my direction.
What is this new inflection?
A demeanor once dependent on my presence,
Around another it is present.
I throb from head to toe as he nears.
Here are all my fears.
Freedom and acceptance are all I can show,
Every smile is another blow.
Unsteadiness as I speak, a fist clenched tight.
You look and glare with delight.
With a graceful stride, you approach.
My anger zone you encroach.
An overdue embrace, our love has been spared.
Just in time, I nearly blared.
Red hot to the touch, your cool voice soothes.
All of my doubt quickly smoothes.
I fear many a thing, but I have found,
To not doubt our love, as it always comes around.

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