Feelings go unnoticed, words go unspoken
Is it because you don't want to face the hurt you caused?
Is it because you can't face my watery eyes?
Is it because you can't take the tears that roll down my cheek
as we say goodbye?
Is it because deep inside you want to wipe my tears away
and whisper, "I'm sorry"?
Is it because you can't bear to see the hurt you caused me?
Is it because you were playing a game the whole time?
Is it because the mirror was pulled out
and you finally saw the true you?
Is it because you don't like what you see?
Is it because you see what you've been trying to cover up--
The liar in you? The disloyalty in you?
The little boy that is hiding inside you
that is crying to come out
because you are not ready to take the roll of a man?
You stand there looking away as I stand there lost
when reality is the best thing you ever had
is walking out the door and out of your life
Unspoken are the words you chose not to say
when in reality those unspoken words
might have been the ones to save us,
to keep me
You choose to remain silent as will I
Words unspoken are the ones that fill the air as our chapter closes
with an unwritten ending unknown to me and you
Thanks to the words unspoken

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