By Far   

Poem #1

Thursday, March 8, 2018
9:58 AM

In the air, the eagles soar

in the rivers, the fishes bathe

while in the jungle, you can hear the lions roar

And yet they are content

meanwhile humans have the world

always wanting more

murder drugs and deception as there in intent.

Understanding the human mind is a difficult one,

on a everyday basis it’s a dog eat dog type of life

until outsiders try to take what we work so hard for

unity between the people will be must.

we will come together just to defend what we've got

the hatred

the fighting amongst ourselves must come to a stop

in the wild, the food chain and survival of the fittest is a necessity

in the human race many addicts put food

drugs on the same level of dependencies

Just think about

trees and problems are as one

cut it at its root of where it started at

both your tree and your problems are gone.

Sometimes removing the tree may just not be enough

if the person who keep planting the seed is still around

How are you suppose to feel safe and sound

at night when u put your head to rest

when the ones putting you in danger are the ones sworn to serve and protect

No jail cells but walls still surrounds us

our own mental mindsets are the only thing that can bound us

There's no social security when we living in a dangerous manipulative anti social society

walking on eggshells precocious around every corner

bodies being placed left and right in the freezers at the local neighborhood coroners

As some kid plays god with your life flashing immediately in front of your very own eyes

Alarm clock rings you blink once or twice

you finally realize that the nightmare is over

Everyday you survive you become bolder

Everyday you get older

The days are getting rougher and the nights are getting colder

What a messed up predicament

just try to envision

being put in a positon

taking away your decision

whether to save a life or take a life or both taking a life just to save a life

I've never been much of a bible reader or Jesus believer

But I do think there is some out there

That shows up every once and a while like a knight in shining armor

but why bother

to teach our kids to be scared of strangers

when most of the time some of the closes people to you present the most dangers

don’t worry don’t get discouraged

Build up your courage

Face your fears

live life like your in a dream

may your dreams come to life

The End

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