Tendrils from your aura spreading
deeply into life. Rhythmic lullabies soothing
into tears of laughter.
I love when we loved.

I close my mind and the world turns silent.
I open my mind and all is noise again.
Surrendering to the madness, knowing
this is only the start. I thought I knew
you deep within my heart.

Calling upon his greatness, riding
the wings of Icarus; leaping
from nebula to nova
and back to death again.

You thought the skies could fall,
You said the world could stop.
I wrote the cosmos and pleaded for your shade.
I conjured the depths of Styx and almost drowned
in its labyrinth.

I thought I knew you deep within my heart, then
a whirlwind tragically blew us apart.
I should have loved a lightning bolt instead,
at least with it strikes, it lights the sky.

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