Until It’s Gone

Her laughter bounces off the walls,
Filling me with the sense of stability for once.
Touches are soft,
But kisses are rough and sensible.
Remember how we used to dance in the rain,
Letting the rain pour down onto our scarred beaten up bodies,
As we lose ourselves in each other.
The way she makes you feel like the only person on the planet,
How lucky you would feel to have her.
Finger touches and slow lingering kisses all over the body,
She gives every inch of your body love,
Just as you always have deserved it.
She is more dangerous than a loaded pistol,
But you didn't care and went ahead and stared into the
Eyes of Death.
She is where beauty becomes pain
And you where pain becomes beauty.
Galaxies swarming in her eyes,
Home in her arms.
Our dreams crashed into reality,
We stood there watching it burn
Into ashes.
She walked away with tears streaking down her face,
And your middle finger was held up.
She is just another bad scar, a bad memory.
Her touch and smell lingers on you for eternity.
You never know what you have until it's gone.

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