Until life do us part

Every blissful moment is slowly coming to a cold end.
Ripped from our lips, taken straight out of our chest.
The things we want out of this pit we call our life,
Being pushed farther and farther away from us.
It’s like dangling meat in front of a starving dog.

Shaking and trembling.
Drooling and tantalized.
Mind racing, yet dazed.
The tempting look in our eyes,
Just to snatch it and run.

Awaiting the sweet release just to scarf it down,
Without so much as a moment to savor the taste.
Just out of reach enough to tear us down the middle.
Left with the ghosting feeling of your fingertips against mine.
The smell of you lingering on every part of me.

We dream of the day we stand at that altar.
Tear stained faces and silence.
The memories of the things we faced just to stand there,
Dripping down like the wax of the candles.
To sanctify our struggles and awaited calm embrace.

For now these are just the the things we fantasize.
The last thought before we begin to doze.
Remembering the details of one another’s face,
Like its painted behind our eyelids.

You asked me if I’d end it all with you.
This life seems to be against us in the worst of ways.
It feels like we’re headed for the edge.
Dangling our toes while we give this world a final bow.
Just to jump from the edge and still end up in each other’s arms.

I’d live for you.
I’d die for you.
But to die by your side.
What a heavenly way to go.

“Until death do us part.”
Doesn’t even fit.
At the end of it all.
We still are the ones who have love,
Far more breath-taking than the rest.

We’re the love story they write about.
We’ll take our shots together,
While the last words on my breath are,
“I love you.”
And the last thing I’ll see is your face.

Until life do us part.
Because even in death,
The oppressors still didn’t win.
We’ll be each others happy ending.
In a story no one will ever forget.

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