Until the end

This is a war I started and I must fight it
Dignity won’t let me run away, pride won’t let me give in
Though I bowed severally, still I refuse to let go of hope
It’s the only evidence, evidence of being human
The only evidence that I am still alive on earth
I can't get to the top in an instant, I look to the top
No one said it’s going to be easy
I wish I saw what Martin said; it’s the doctor's prescription
"The riches of freedom, the maturity of justice" and maybe mind
What else can we say, it’s long, it’s going to be hard
However long I still run, as long as the goal is ahead
As long as the I can hear and smell my freedom ahead of me
I refuse not to run no matter how long
I’d rather run from regrets than truth
It always hurts but if it heals, I will bear it
Though words not rich enough, I hope that actions will be richer
Maybe the world will not be at my hand or even in my address book
I opened my address book and the only thing I see is a blank page
Then more and more blank pages and I no longer can look
What’s the best we can give a dying man?
If not sympathy, then what else, nothing else matters!
Then I choose to run for what matters
I refuse to leave this world with anyone’s sympathy
Therefore I run, I refuse to look at other's success
As a stumbling block but a climbing block
Then I will also give blocks to those who want to get to the top
Bring then a little closer to their dreams
As long this is my dream I will run, even if my legs refuse
Still I will run till the end, I have to run from regret
Maybe this is not the end of my words....
As life sometimes becomes unexpected.

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