Until the Very Last Breath

She walks down, slowly down, into the depths of her mind.
She walks and walks leaving her troubles behind.

A long journey calls out her name, beckoning, waiting.
While death follows her into these depths, watching, hating.

She walks until her feet bleed, and then walks more.
She's mesmerized by her own footsteps until she sees a door.

Nothing spectacular, just plain wood and wet paint.
A figure catches her eyes: an engraving of a saint.

She opens the door and walks through.
Through the hallway hearing nothing but her shoe.

She only has one, the other fell off long ago.
During the long walk to the door, the door to the snow.

The snow white land of purity and light.
Mountains of sand and beauty, so bright.

She walked until she couldn't, to reach this golden gate,
She walked to this light where Heaven must wait.

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