Until We Meet Again

Until we meet again old friend...
knower of all that has been.
My heart beats without you,
yet without you I am nothing.
I know no thing can be, unless you too exist.
The history of the world rests within your depths,
echoing immortality through the ebb and flow of the tides.
Subjected to the whim of the winds.
Remnants of lives passed, love and hate, war and peace.
Your documented history painstakingly illegible to man,
Yet we tirelessly seek the treasures you hold.
Without you I find myself a prisoner to concrete and steel,
Mere reflections of a control we will never know.
Awaiting the moment we shall meet again.
Longing to feel your touch against my skin.
The burning salt passing through my nose,
As you roll off my body to collect within yourself once more.
Until we meet again old friend,
My soul... will always yearn for you.

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