Until we meet again

Sitting in the darkness, just try to breathe.
My empty smile, it just hides what's beneath.
I've learned to live again, yet I feel in my bones,
part of me died that night, and left for the unknown.
You just up and left, without saying goodbye,
and here I sit, just wondering why.
You were so young, so strong, and so full of life.
You had girl, a soulmate, and soon a wife.
When I close my eyes now, all I see is your smile.
Just give me one more hour, come sit for a while.
Yet as time goes on, I've learned to be strong,
to get up when I fall, and keep moving on.
This isn't goodbye, because I know that we'll meet again.
Just keep the beer cold, for that day my friend.
Well roll up a joint, sit down and chill
Share our adventures and stories, until we've had our fill.
And yet here I still sit, with you on my mind.
You've moved to the next life, and left me in mine.
I will carry the torch, keep your memory alive,
keep your hook on my neck, still a legend survives.
Because that's what we were, legends amongst men.
I'll see you soon brother, and I can't wait until then.

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