I, the lighthouse, stand and shine
Upon the ragged coastal ridge,
Guiding sailors with a glow divine,
Keeping the watch, protecting the right,
Reaching over miles of tossing sea,
I keep lost souls safe with my light.
That light that keeps on shining,
It was lit and can never go out
Because even if it burns or blows
They never can snuff the lingering glows.
If even the faintest spark should stay
And I can find the strength to remain,
Then nevermore a boat will stray
As far as my light's domain.
For though I feel myself get dim
And storm clouds block my light,
I won't let that hold me back;
I'll shine through and I will fight.
They cannot make me stop,
And that's what they need to see;
For my light comes from another source;
It's God's power coming through me.
And so I warn others of rising danger
Of rocks that seek to drown
And show the right and true path
Takes us up, not down.

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