Was I ever enough to make you smile,
and put the bottle down for a while.
Was i ever enough to bring you cheer,
to remind you of all your family here.
I shouldnt blame me i was only a girl,
who thought her dad had ruled the world.
Wed cussed and fought over stupid shit,
we didn't get our way wed throw a fit.
youd hide in the shadows with your gallon
of booze, i didnt understand i was young
and confused. You were the one in charge
of me, but eventually i would have to see.
That many of nights id put you to bed,
visions of your corpse flashing in my head.
Why even bother to win your attenion, its not
enough now nor was it then. I knew the booze
would put u in the ground, and again itd be
me putting you down. Did you stop to think my
kids need me, ones rotting in jail, others
cutting to bleed. But you just stayed selfish
and wasted each day, until pain was a book that
you just put away. Now look at you now your stored
in a case one kids still on drugs , others sick
of this place. Was it really worth drinking until
you were high, was it worth it to never tell us
good bye. I told you youd drown and youd meet your
fate, at first i was lost, but now I just hate.

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