I wonder who was first to say life's a game
Like was it just something they said
Or did they really play?
And did those words make them choke?
Life is known to give out free pain
No rules and no coach
only the weak call foul play
To be broke down is a joke
At least that's what the game says
A game that makes you chew up your hopes
Then looks down on you for spitting there way
Doesn't matter if you give the most
Because nobody's really winning.
I get tired of this game.
Everywhere I go I see the hinting
A million fingers pointing at my pain
But when I'm happy,eyes start sqenting
The game chooses only to see shame
And laughs at what I'm missing
But it's check mate time
I can't lose if I ain't even listening
Everything said against me is a lie
My timer still ticking

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