love is when you feel these butterflies in your heart and stomach
even though you've been in a relationship with this person since forever
you still get chills and nervous around them
that alienated feeling you get when she or he is away from you
for not even more then a few minutes
it's a four-letter word
that can hurt a five-letter word
called your "heart"
but it can cause a five-letter word
called a "smile"
it's full of ups
and downs
but a smile and a frown
is always around
so is pain and pleasure
but we adapt to these feelings
that are new to us
and it becomes a part of the lifestyle
that we are currently living with
it's a life lesson and a beautiful feeling
it touches every inch of your body
as long as you're with the right person
nothing can ever go wrong
there's no exact thing or person that you must love
but love will tell you . when it's there

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