The darkness quietly took my soul, the light no longer shines.
Whatever happens, happens, this life is no longer mine's
Yesterday I was Superwoman and now I just don't care.
I have no concerns of loving and if anyone is there.
No happiness, no smile, my motivation deceased.
All the reasons to live, no longer resides in me.
I'm ready to turn away, and life is meaningless.
Of all my thirty years I would never be thinking this.
Until this life of sin, figured I am different.
No matter how good I try to be, I will never fit.
I'm ready to give up, with nothing to live for.
I have children; one is nine and one is four.
How did life bring me here, no will to try and push?
Everything I thought was mine, someone came and took.
Those sets of eyes that are watching me, I can not disappoint.
I am their beginning and they are my weak point.
I am their teacher, the model to learn from.
I can't give up on their spirits, even if mine is gone.
three days ago I saw my weakness and gave in.
Today I thank Giovoni and Sade', today I live again.
Darkness can not have me, I am full of light.
Right now I am different and I will keep living right.

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