Loving what you can't have,
is like death on earth
Watching as he kisses her,
can make your heart burst
The sadness that that you feel,
knowing that your love just can't be
Tears flowing constantly, heart breaking endlessly,
You fade away in the distance,
hoping he would look your way
To see the love in your eyes,
kiss you and take your breath away
You hide your feelings and struggle to play along as his friend,
hoping and wishing one day, the two love birds would end
You still won't have the heart to tell him,
just how you really feel
Afraid it would change things,
scared it could be real
The realest love ever experienced,
not wanting to take away
The friendship that you started before,
hoping by your side he'd stay
Pretending to be happy, watching as he shares his love each day,
while every night your hearts breaking as you watch him slip away

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