All about you

the beauty in her eyes,
some see the brown
& escape towards a blue sky
while i see a fermented ground awaiting to spread
love through every bit of life.
she holds a glow which glistens into your soul
like diamonds under a summer's day

I imagine the sweetness of her laughter
delighting caterpillars to molt into butterflies
I imagine her eyes swooning your cup of tea
with its honey colored natures.

I imagine the ocean getting jealous of how she greets
The shores with her toes & turns away without a goodbye
For the Gentle breeze that courses along the currents of the ocean
Takes a sample of her perfection as the gusts sways past her soft hair
she walks so elegantly how is one not to fall in love?

For my dearest,
All that i am is a mere explanation of your magnificence
The energy which emits within my soul
Is a divine power source indulged by the river which courses through your veins,
For your heartbeat is a rhythmic melody which seduces me into a never ending trance
while your whispers travel throughout the shadows of the lost
& constructs what was a vague house into a serene place
with a picketed fence , blue shutters, & a yellow door which draws out your warmth.
you're my everything forever more

to be continued.....

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A course into the imaginative thought of how it would be to fall inlove